Wednesday, July 4, 2018

As time goes by

I'm an absolute average person, with no outside signs to make me differ from anyone other..Sure, probably I could read the subteleties of your soul, but that would not make me different in something that I would ever wish to become, not in  here, nor in other possible worlds that could be, eventually, created by the imagination..I see, speak, and let out the truth in my own way..And let that be a start for others that could ever see farther than me..
The what is, is, somehow, a something of one of the possibilities..Because the this is a projection of our desires..Don't know how to intricate words to describe it..Worth is to say that in this actual place we are to be as same as ever..That is all, not more, or less..Sure, we could watch each other to find if it will worth something, at the end..But that will come, as time goes by..

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